- Emily Kinney
Phát hành: 2018 Thể Loại: Pop

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Bài hát: Rockstar - Emily Kinney

I'm gonna marry a rockstar
Gonna move downtown
Loft a bed above his pratice space,
guitars hangin' all around
He'll wake up white I'm whisperin'
"baby, It's almost noon "
But we could kiss all day, in this tiny room
We like walkin',wearin' black matching Converse shoes
Instead of diamond rings
we get new tattoos
Instead of walkin' down the isle
it's a back yard gig
Just an ice cream cake
and the people we dig
Oh yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah....

I'm gonna marry a rockstar
go to every last show
Nod my head to the bass drum
From the very front row
I help my baby move his gear
To the stage from the van
I take pictures on his phone
for his Instagram
He's gonna make it big
He's gonna sell so many tracks
And throuhg the ups and downs
I'll be the lover that lasts
Oh yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah....

I don't mind picking up the bill
it won't be long until
A studio in the hills
receives a mixing board
Sometimes he lets me rocord
the little poems I write
And we go out at night
to The Satellite

He plays his guitar for so many bands
He's got those talented, rough,
rock 'n' roll type hands
and I fell 'em on my back,
on my neck, on my face
Every chord progression
make my heart just race
When he sees me in the crowd
points and blows me a kiss
Don't really know how life
can get much better than this
Oh yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah....

I'm gonna marry a rockstar
When he's touring 'round the world
Send him unreleased Walking Dead episodes
So in the plane he's not bored
He sends a picture of the buildings
in each new city
He texts me every afternoon
just to say "you're pretty"
and before I go to bed
"Miss you, Baby. Goodnight"
kissy heart emoji*
Do you need sexy FaceTIme
Never worry about a local groupie
trying to take around
My lover only like ladies
twitter verified, like me
Oh yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah....

Gonna marry this rockstar
we got a love you cant's doubt
Wrinkle right up next to each other
We'll get old but stay loud
Oh yeah,yeah yeah yeah yeah....
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