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In My First Mind

- Steve Miller Band
Phát hành: 2018 Thể Loại: Rock

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Lời bài hát In My First Mind

Singing a song of love
Growing each day
Knowing how it's been
Living for today I wanted to love you, babe
I swear I do know how
To go back is pointless
Understand this now Our time, it hasn't been too long
It all seems to drift away
No more the past, it's the future
That I'm living for today And if it's not getting you
Where ever you need to go
There's still a place in my heart
If you did not know this is so In my first mind
You are so fine
All the good things you do
Are in my own time In my second mind
I can see you grow
Feel you flow
It moves my soul, yeah
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