Tick Tock

- Hush
Phát hành: 2018 Thể Loại: Pop

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Lời bài hát Tick Tock

Are you going out mama,
you washed and combed your hair
Are you going out dancing,
i like the red shoes that you wear Everybody needs to live a little sometime, you say it with a smile that never reaches your eyes You never liked the clock,
tick tock tick tock,
if only youth would last but time goes by to fast Are you coming home mama,
it's getting kind of late
I watched tv after supper and I'm laying in my bed Everybody needs someone to hold them sometimes and tell them that it's gonna be alright
I hear a baby crying and someone yelling outside,
funny how anything can scare you at night I lie and watch the clock,
tick tock tick tock,
here in the pale moonlight time goes slowly by
time goes slowly by
I sit and watch the clock,
tick tock tick tock,
you say the time just flies but mine goes slowly by
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